Residential Rental Properties
We offer a full service Residential Rental Property program for the investor and/or out of town owner.  We locate potential tenants, collect rents, provide lawn care services, as well as other regularly required maintenance (ie. A/C filters, etc..).


We ourselves are investors and understand that regular inspections, as well as routine up keeping tasks can increase your investment return and sometimes prevent costly repairs over the long term.  Call us for a quote on what we can to do to serve you. 

There is a first time set up fee, determined by what needs to be done to get the property in rentable condition.  This fee will include the marketing (usually by signage and web) to locate tenants. We collect the rents owed for a standard 10% fee.  We provide regular reports to the owners as to improvements that are needed and work with local professionals to have any repairs completed at the lowest cost to the owners.



Rural & Recreational Properties, Timber, Cropland & Wildlife
Land can be a reliable source of income if managed properly.  Income from such properties of course will vary depending upon the options offered by your land such as Timber, Cropland, and Hunting.  We work with qualified professionals to determine the best options for the owner.  Owners typically need an assessment of current timber value and projected future growth for such tracts.  Usually such tracts will lend themselves to some form of a hunting lease if the wildlife is properly managed.  Agricultural leases when an option can be a very reliable source of income as well.  Depending upon the particular tract it may be possible to have more than one source of income for a tract.  Our fees are based on the services we provide.




Property Surveillance
We also provide limited property surveillance for out of town owners. These services can be as limited as routine home checks, looking for anything out of the ordinary or can involve a more detailed observation plan. Additionally, we provide a routine presence for rural tracts, posting no trespassing signs, locking gates, insuring a regular presence at unpredictable times.  This routine ‘checking’ of your valuable investment can prove invaluable. It is more affordable than you might think and we can customize a plan suited for your property and desires.  Let us meet with you and determine what might work best.