The Tallahassee area is a relatively stable market due primarily to the presence of the State of Florida Employees and the Students that attend Florida State University, Florida A&M University and Tallahassee Community College.  This is not to say that recent economic conditions on the national level have not affected us, unfortunately they have. We have beautiful homes that are available at fair prices. Our sister city of Thomasville Georgia is a gem offering wonderful living at fair prices.  Other local small towns of Havana Florida, Crawfordville Florida as well as Bainbridge Georgia, and Cairo Georgia provide quaint lifestyles within easy driving of the larger towns.

The rural areas are just as special and all within less than an hours drive. The Gulf of Mexico is less than a half hour south of Tallahassee, making a commute very possible.  We have the 38,000 acre Lake Seminole located partially in Florida with the majority being in South Georgia, again less than an hours drive.  Adventure awaits, from Lake Seminole by boat it is possible to access the Gulf of Mexico or travel by water north even into Alabama. 

The surrounding areas include beautiful farms of all sizes, including timber and recreational tracts that can offer both comfortable residences and very stable investments.  While markets go up and down, real estate can also fluctuate in value, but when properly managed will still remain an asset.  Land does not evaporate and we cannot make more of it.  Even in hard times you can put your foot on it.

If you are considering buying or selling in our area, we would appreciate your business and guarantee to give you honest service.